Frequently Asked Questions

Is my information safe?

Yes. Speed-E-Commerce uses SSL encryption for all pages of the website. All of your information is protected by our Privacy Policy. Speed-E-Commerce and it's partners will never unlawfully share or sell your data, except to facilitate the build of your website (for example, when setting up and integrating your payment provider to your website).

How do I send you my product information?

We'll send you a spreadsheet template for you to populate with your product information - the more thorough, the more your customers will see! Then we send through our own WeTransfer link to upload your information and a .ZIP folder of your labelled product images. WeTransfer is a safe and secure file-sharing platform - you can find out more about it here.

What might cause a delay in launch?

We can (and will) handle all of the back-end groundwork regarding getting your business setup to sell online, including security, design, UX, device optimisation and payment gateways. However, in order to do so we'll need you to get your content to us as quickly as possible, including product information and payment provider keys. However, if you're having trouble getting that content together, we're always available over the phone or via email!

I don't have a domain - is that included?

Of course! When you sign up for one of our websites, we can purchase your chosen domain (if it's available) and host your website for free for the first year, after which there will be a renewal fee of £135/year - or we can package it up and you can host it wherever you like!

I already have a domain, just no website!

No problem - we'll just need you to direct your Nameservers to our system! Your Domain Provider can help with this, or you can send us login details and we'll handle it ourselves. If you're confident enough to do it yourself, you'll just need to change the NS records to the following:

How do I pay?

When an order is placed, we begin the build immediately - which is why you'll receive an invoice right off the bat for the full up-front cost of the website. We've give all of our clients 7 days to pay an invoice - as soon as that's out the way, we can begin populating the site with product content that you send through, but the bulk of the work is started as soon as you sign up. If the invoice is unpaid within 7 days, the project may be cancelled - if you're struggling to pay in time, just give us a call!

I already have a website but can't sell on it

We can integrate the e-commerce platform with your existing website by creating a subdomain (for example, "") and mapping that to the new build. We can also help you add links from your existing website to your new shop to ensure your customers can easily find it!

Can you link my social media accounts?

Yes! We will add any and all of your social media links to your website to ensure your customers can find you on there - all you need to do is post about the website on your social channels post-launch to ensure that your existing customers know where to buy from online!

Can I scale the site in the future?

Absolutely! All of our websites are built on WordPress, the go-to industry-standard platform with endless possibilities for new innovation and expansion. So whilst you might just need to get online quickly now and get some sales in, in the future you may look to expand the site to describe more about your business, run events, include a blog or showcase your premises. Whatever you're after, you'll likely find that WordPress is capable!

Can I use this for drop-shipping?

Yes - we've even got a specific product for that purpose! Our sites can be setup with shipping rules and zones to allow you to drop-ship your products. If you're using AliExpress, we can integrate it to make the process even smoother for you!

Who Are Speed-E-Commerce?

Speed-E-Commerce is a brand owned by parent company Essex Social Media Ltd, to offer retail solutions to businesses to help with economic growth, minimise business disruption and loss recuperation due to the recent and ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

If you have any further questions or want to get in touch with us for any reason, you can give us a call on 0800 048 7470 or send an email through to